Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Mother's Confession

On New Years Eve, I made a resolution to keep up with the blog I started for the Lipstick Car.
Well, here it is, May Day and I am finally getting around to keeping my promise.
Thanks for your patience, gentle readers.
Now, on with the blog!

This weekend, my mother made a confession to me.

"Patti", she said, "about your art car...
I've never told anyone else this but...
I think you've wasted a perfectly good car".

Mom has always cheered me on with her version of good advice:
"Why don't you wait till you're with a man to purchase a house, so you can buy something nice"?
"Why would you join the Army; it's really not for women"!
"If you make your whole front yard a garden, it won't be good for resale value".

I wonder if she can hear what she's really telling me:
"You couldn't possibly buy something nice on your own".
"You need to depend on a man to support you".
"Women aren't capable of doing things independently".
"As a woman, you shouldn't break your traditional role".
"You shouldn't do something for your own happiness, but for the happiness of others".

The truth about my car is that before the "make-over", I really didn't like my Pontiac Vibe.
It's loud, uncomfortable and worst of all, it was white!

Now, I totally LOVE my car.
I enjoy the attention.
I love the maintenance.
I think it is beautiful!
When I'm driving the car, I get the most positive response from people and it does much for my self esteem.  People give me the thumbs up, blow me kisses, smile at me, wait to meet me outside the store and sometimes take risks for a photo on the road!
How cool is that?

If there's one thing I have learned, it's this;
whatever my Mom suggests, I just do the opposite.
Now, excuse me....
I have a car to drive.
The Lipstick Car at the St. Paul Art Crawl
Friday, April 29, 2011